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Noer i.
23 Mac 2023
good service good management ,friendly staff .kerja laju je bila mintak tukar size ..good environment and vibe .. Keep it up
1 ulasan
14 Februari 2023
I WAS ROBBED IN THESE APARTMENTS. If you don't need money, or maybe you have something really expensive with you, tun away from this. After I was robbed, they stole apr. $1000 cash from my purse which I leave in the room, because hey, it's so normal not to bring all your cash in the city. Completely ruined my vacation.
1 ulasan
HoeiLee c.
10 Januari 2023
Nice and fast service
1 ulasan
15 Disember 2022
Nice customer service, one stop station. I bought my wedding gown and evening gown at this shop. Highly recommended.
25 november 2022
I lovee the squeezed oranges.. fresh & nice packaging.. just a lil TECHNICAL remarks .. today 25/11/22 11am i went to purchase at location: Emergency G floor (UMMC), the machine running out balance... Stated on screen to call careline number, but no one pick up .. at 3pm tried again. .. I don't like the unreliable careline... Because it doesn't seem 'careline' thou 😄!! Thats all, regards,GP.
17 Oktober 2022
Do u believe these few things need RM31+? I don't think so, I request the Indian cashier count again and she gave me bad customer service!!! I think she felt leceh. After that, just only cost RM20.80. Can kk mart in TBR improve ur customer service? Everytime I go there also same service. Don't do their work properly, talk with phone... The price tag also not same with the product on the rack. If 99 is there, is for sure won't go there anymore!!! Just an advice, KK pls provide ur staffs with customer
Tunjukkan lagi
9 Oktober 2022
Yes true abt wat u said . Had similar experience. She's particularly nice to Big boss kinda customer oni. Scary to order dishes without prices n if I ask she give u a nasty look..
Afsha n.
1 Oktober 2022
Komen MAHBUB ALAM one of the staff he don't know how to handle a customer , even he don't know how to treat a child in public very rude , arrogant, indecent very rude customer service , don't care talk, he think he is the owner of JOM KE 3M MINI MARKET Tarikh perkhidmatan yang diberikan Date 01.10.2022 Time 22.32 Penerangan pakar Cashier MAHBUB ALAM & MD TUFAYEL AHMED
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